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Behind the Design

Celtic Honor

“Everything is dangerous, and one must decide whether to live in fear, or courage.”
- Emma Hamm

Dating back to as early as 1200 B.C. Celtic society has had a lasting legacy with a language and culture that has stood the test of time. Gaelic design is known for its fine stone carving and intricate metalworking, often infusing pieces with gold, silver, and treasured jewels.

Celtic tradition sees life in everything – from the greatest king to the smallest stone.

We drew from that symbolism to find purpose and beauty in the Celtic runes that adorn this design.

Spirals move in both directions, flowing in congruence with nature. The triskelion is a symbol of strength, and forward momentum. Finally, the knots tie together the forces of water, earth, and fire.

You can feel the power of the runes in your hand much like an ancient warrior did carrying their axe into battle. Our Celtic Honor design is for those who value heritage, energy, and impact.

Carve your own path.