We combine professional-grade weapons with fine art techniques to create legacy firearms that brighten any collection.

Founded in 2015, Seattle Engraving Center has been producing top-of-the-line luxury firearms with headquarters in Brandon, Florida. We’re privately held, and 100% US owned, with shipping and export available worldwide.

We first began as jewelry experts specializing in gemstone and diamond setting. As we rapidly emerged into global markets, we moved from California to Belgium to work alongside some of the world’s leading diamond experts. Eight years later, equipped with highly refined expertise, we returned to the US and set up shop in Brandon, Florida, ready to bring our knowledge to the world of luxury firearm creation.

Today, led by Grand Master Engraver, Master Diamond Setter, and founder, Haysam Gamil, our team of experts employ a variety of specialized techniques such as hand and laser engraving, 24k gold plating, and diamond and gemstone inlay.

On the business side, COO and partner, Reem Gamil, drives our team’s international growth & innovation strategy, operations, and customer success, bringing our luxury firearm collection to markets around the globe.