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Real Gemstones, Expertly Set

Experience the unrivaled craftsmanship of perfectly hand set gemstones design by our team of Master Diamond Setters.

The right gemstone inlay can turn your custom firearm into something truly spectacular.

Beautiful stones, beautifully set.

What good are remarkable gemstones if they aren’t expertly set? Our Master Diamond Setters have set stones for leading jewelers like Cartier and Tiffany. Having mastered this timeless craft, they’re here to ensure the gemstones on your custom firearm are unequivocally remarkable.

Gain exclusive access to gemstones from around the world.

Within a proven history in the diamond trade, Seattle Engraving Center has access to global inventory and supplies. With quality materials, you can be sure your gemstone inlay will always shine bright.

A gemstone inlay is the ultimate in opulence.

Our artfully crafted gemstone inlay will have your custom firearm exuding opulence. Glittering gemstones add a lavish touch to any design—only the best for those with the finest tastes.

The gemstones on your custom firearm will shine as brightly as your pride in owning it.

Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds

Stunning, durable, and always flawless

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