Premium metal Plating and Polish

We combine the timeless skill of our master craftsmen with the precise innovation of best-in-class machinery to give each firearm the clean, flawless finish you deserve.

There’s something special about the metal plating and polish of a Seattle Engraving Center firearm.

We combine the classic art of metal plating with best-in-class technology for an immaculate result.

Our master craftsmen have been trained in the timeless skill of metal plating and finishing, and deploy best-in-class machines to help achieve the gleaming, mirror finish that our collectors love.

Our precise, innovative methods inspire confidence in our collectors.

Our metal plating and polishes leave our collectors feeling completely confident in the quality and uniqueness of their custom firearm. Under the expert eyes of our craftsmen, coupled with the precision of cutting-edge machines, our timeless finishes breathe life into our firearms.

A flawless finish, done your way.

Whether you’re longing for white or black chrome, rose gold or 24k yellow gold, each firearm our craftsmen create will be plated and polished to perfection. These fimportant and final touches give our collectors what they deserve: an impeccable finish.

Seattle Engraving Center’s premium metal plating and polishing leaves a mirror finish you can only dream of.

Real Gemstones, Expertly Set

Turn your firearm into something spectacular

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