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By Hand

Few things are as striking—and as personal—as a hand-engraved firearm. GRS Certified Grand Master Engravers ensure that each piece is designed to perfection.

There is nothing more striking than a firearm that has been handcrafted by a Grand Master Engraver.

We add unique artistry to our designs through hand engraving.

Guarantee a one-of-a-kind firearm with hand engraving carved by our Grand Master Engravers. The handcrafted element gives each product an authentic and organic texture offering richness to each design. Perfectly imperfect, hand engraving elevates a custom firearm to a look that is completely unique.

Showcase the passion and creativity of our Grand Master Engravers.

Our collectors want the very best, and nothing exceeds those standards more than the skill and patience of our Grand Master Engravers. Each hand engraved design is poured over for hours by our experts, so you can feel secure that your custom firearm receives our complete attention.

Combine creativity and skill for custom designs that exude uniqueness.

Our hand engraved products offer collectors the ultimate in custom firearms. With each mark of the design hand chiseled with the customer in mind, your firearm surpasses custom designed, becoming a true reflection of the collector.

Add a whole new level of richness and texture to your custom firearm with hand engraving.

Precision Laser Engraving

For an immaculate design

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