Honoring Our Roots

Steeped in tradition and history, Seattle Engraving Center curates premium-built, custom-engraved firearms. But that’s not all we offer. We innovate. We build. We perfect. And our exceptional craftsmanship and creativity are our tools.

Each and every Seattle Engraving Center custom firearm is infused with our devotion to excellence, our commitment to high standards, our prowess with metals and diamonds, and our passion for gun engraving.

Inspired by those who have come before us, we carry that legacy forward by designing the world’s most desirable firearms. Our team of highly skilled professionals combine their talent and artistry to produce works of art that are sure to meet the highest standards. Yours.

More importantly, our custom engraved firearms serve as a reflection of you—our customers. Each distinct design embodies the history and communities that are as diverse as those they represent. Whether it’s the Naga Warrior with its emblematic Thai dragon or the Italian Renaissance with its signature flower and leaf, each engraved gun reveals the story of the cultures from which they came.

Some may call it different; we like to think of it as a passion for storytelling.

For SEC, that story began in the diamond trade—mining gemstones and designing jewelry. That was enough to inspire founder, Haysam Gamil. A finance leader by trade, Haysam saw the opportunity to infuse jewelry artistry into the firearm industry, and thus began the journey behind the Seattle Engraving Center.

“It wasn’t until I started in the business that I realized I had a true love for the art  and the science of jewelry making,” recalled Haysam. “It was then I decided to start something new, and opened the doors to my jewelry business in 2006.”

By 2007, Haysam was already armed with accreditations GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the Diamond Council of America before then setting his sights on moving to Antwerp, Belgium–the diamond capital of the world. It was there that Haysam would attend the prestigious Alexandre Diamond School, working and training alongside the world’s foremost diamond experts.

“My passion has always been in rough diamonds. Every single stone is unique—just as each human being is,” he shared. “With each stone, you’re constantly envisioning how this might look in your next design. When working with rough diamonds, there’s always an element of surprise once it gets cut into a polished stone. You just never know.” That always inspired me to create something new and unique.

Commissioned by world renown brands such as Tiffany’s, Cartier and Piaget, Haysam sought to bring that creativity and vision into a new medium: firearms.

Always inventing, always perfecting

By combining his vast expertise and artistry, Haysam ushered a new type of firearm design into the premium end of the market. Ranging from hand-engraved gun designs, commercial-grade plating, gemstone inlays with mirror-quality finishes, customers would experience an unrivaled product. It was nothing the firearms industry had seen before.

“I had so many questions when it came to firearm designs: ‘Why have we not seen diamonds included in designs before?” “Why is there not a rose gold finish available?.” “No one was doing these things, so I began to incorporate them into my distinctive gun engravings”. Today, we continue to ask ourselves those same types of questions, looking for ways to make our firearm designs even better, different and new.” For me it’s about constantly innovating whether we’re experimenting with new materials, metal combinations and even processes to create something unique—that’s the most exciting part.”

Together with his partner and COO—Reem Gamil, the two have set out to revolutionize firearm customization in honor of the diversity of customers they serve. The end result are true master pieces.

Our Mission

Hold a Higher Standard

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