Our Commitments

Our Mission

For far too long gun manufacturers have been nothing more than purveyors of the status quo.

Producing the interchangeable. Generating the indistinguishable. Churning out the uninspired.

Seattle Engraving Center is different.

We are more than gun makers. We are champions of the art form of gun engraving. We work tirelessly to combine precise craft with creativity. Pride with passion.

We exist to create the world’s most desirable premium engraved firearms for those who want the very best.

And while luxury firearms featuring the finest custom plating, engraving and gemstone inlays is what we make, it’s not what we sell, offer.

We are providers of exceptionally crafted symbols that capture the essence of the collectors we serve.

We are providers of self-expression, creating remarkable firearms that proclaim to the world who our collectors are, where they come from and what they believe.

And we share our story, extolling the virtues of our unique custom engraved gun designs while paying respect to the cultures and communities by which they’re inspired.

We are Seattle Engraving Center. And we are only for those who truly understand what it means to hold a higher standard.

Corporate Initiatives